1:1 private mindset coaching + business mentorship + subconscious reprogramming + manifestation techniques to help early stage entrepreneurs ASCEND to their next level life & business.  

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starting a business can be overwhelming - I get it. if you're anything like i was, you have a million ideas and want to do everything, all at once...and don't know where to start.
you may also be feeling a lack of clarity or strategy, maybe you have few limiting beliefs popping up, perhaps a fear of showing up, or any number of other things preventing you from moving forward or achieving the success you know you are capable of.
Or maybe you just want support, guidance and cheering on as you navigate manifesting your dream life and business as an early stage entrepreneur that doesn't require your entire life savings.

girl...i got you.

what's included


  • 3 months of high level, fully supported 1:1 coaching + biz mentorship
  • Customized weekly calls dedicated to mindset + manifestation, energetics, embodiment and biz strategy
  • Hypnosis sessions + EFT  to help you move through blocks and reprogram your subconscious mind for success
  • Strategy and clarity sessions to get crystal clear on your vision, mission, ICA, product suite & marketing strategy that is fully aligned with your Next Level Self
  • A fully mapped out Action Plan to get from where you are to where you know you are capable of going
  • Your very own online portal to book sessions, check homework and get your bonus resources + content
  • M-F Voxer/voice memo support between calls
  • Bonus customized walking meditation or sleep hypnosis
  • PIF Bonus: a limited edition ASCEND hoodie!

this is for the entrepreneur (or entrepreneur in the making!) that knows she is capable of more, ready for her next level and wants to become magnetic to her ideal clients & customers.


this is for the entrepreneur that is ready to shift her beliefs and begin to see herself as an authority in her niche. 


this is for the entrepreneur that is ready to go all in and transform her internal and external reality this year...



does this sound like you?


☾ You are an early stage entrepreneur (0-3 years) looking for a mindset tune up, clarity on what EXACTLY you want to manifest (in your life and business) and an inspired action plan to help you get there

☾ You find yourself coming up against limiting beliefs, a lack of confidence to "put yourself out there" and are self-sabotaging your success

☾ You struggle with embodying your highest, most vibrant self, don't feel fully aligned or "deserving" of your desires and under value yourself and your services and you are ready to become an authority in your niche 

☾ You are ready and wiling to do the inner, subconscious work to unlock your fullest potential

 ☾ You KNOW you were meant for more and want the support and guidance of somebody that has been where you are to help you skyrocket your success in a way that feels fully aligned with your authentic, most joyful and vibrant self

you're invited to:


A custom 12 week container to expedite your transformation, shift your identity, reprogram limiting beliefs, fully embody your highest self and manifest your NEXT LEVEL LIFE! How? By combining powerful coaching techniques + hypnotherapy + EFT to help you gain clarity, uncover and reprogram limiting beliefs and manifest your dream life or business from a place of worthiness, deservingness and joy.

Our time together is fully customized and tailor made for your unique goals, needs and desires, and we'll work together to come up with an action plan to fully support you. Plus, you'll get access to all my transformational tools and techniques, customized resources and a deeply supportive and safe space to ASCEND indoor life and business.


are you ready to ascend in your life & business? apply now and let's make some magic! xo



hey, have we met yet?


Hi, I'm Kate, and I couldn't be happier you are here! It's my absolute DREAM to help women embody their highest, vibiest selves, manifest their dream lives and businesses, feel totally confident and empowered to show up powerfully and authentically and UNAPOLOGETICALLY go for it! 

I started my first biz (FearlesslyGiRL Inc) over a decade ago and manifested the most incredible opportunities, partners and experiences, including working with Lindsey Vonn, Amy Purdy & Madison Keys, partnering with HBO, Instagram, Moroccan Oil, Evian and Nike, and being featured in Vogue, Forbes and The New York Times. Not to mention, impacting over 100,000 young women globally.

Personally, I've attracted the dreamiest partner (going on 8 years...) and together we've traveled to incredible locations, lived in Hong Kong, and are raising our 6 year old golden doodle Cosmo, who comes everywhere with us. We are currently living in Legos, Portugal and the manifestations just keep coming!

Now, I'm diving deep back to my roots as a Certified Hypnotherapist and Mindset Coach and am dedicated to helping women reach their next level potential, confidence, joy and abundance!

here's what i believe...


I believe that you can ABSOLUTELY go it alone and succeed without a coach or mentor (I didn't even know business/mindset coaches EXISTED when I incorporated my first business at 16.)

I believe that high level coaching shouldn't require your entire life savings and investing at your "upper limit" ESPECIALLY in the beginning...  

I believe that if you authentically desire something, it's not only possible for you, but it's MEANT for you. You just need to get out of your own way, shift your vibration  and receive what is already yours.

I believe that business can be hard and lonely and it's great to have support and a built in business bestie to support you along the way in the form of a coach or mentor.

I believe that mindset work, subconscious reprogramming, energetics and embodiment are a VITAL piece of the entrepreneurial puzzle, in the same way that clarity, strategy and ACTION are as well. That's why we cover it all!

I believe that it's scary to put yourself out there, to start, to take action, to show up. But it's even scarier not to. 

I believe your success is inevitable and what is meant for you won't miss you...